The Greater Cincinnati Guitar Society was founded in 1959 by Warren E. Coffey (our first President), under the name Cincinnati Society of the Classic Guitar. Charter members included: George J. Marks, R.J. Di Salvo, Juanita Coffey,Dr. Mathias Vega, Wayne Gatwood and Raymond Hopmann. In the late 60's to mid-70's the Society went by the name Friends Of The Classic Guitar. Past Presidents and prime movers of the Society include: Bob Mercer, Garrett Curtis, Judy Handler, Rodney Stucky, Renee Odom, Richard Goering, Amy Brucksch among many others.  

    Of course we can not mention the progress of our most beloved instrument in the city of Cincinnati without also paying tribute to Clare Callahan. Clare's guitar program at the College-Conservatory of Music has produced many outstanding musicians, many of whom served on Society's Board. Though never serving on the board herself, she has been and continues to be a constant supporter, advisor and  liaison. 


     The Society was reformed in December 2001 with the promise of fulfilling a perceived need in Cincinnati’s rich cultural landscape by creating a focal point for guitarists within the greater Cincinnati area. The prime movers for this rebirth were Robert Brown, Chris Hubbard, Garrett Curtis, and Greg Reedy. Though the Greater Cincinnati Guitar Society was formed on classical guitar principals, the Society is open to all styles that represent the best of what guitar has to offer. Ideally GCGS grows to become that ultimate meeting post of guitar players from all backgrounds.